Welcome to Durstone

Ofrecer un producto diferente, este es el objetivo que nos marcamos en DURSTONE desde el inicio. Siguiendo esta premisa nuestra gama de porcelánico está formada por colecciones exclusivas en las que hemos cuidado hasta el mínimo detalle.

The personality and strength of its design, together with the use of the latest techno-logies in ceramic production, allow us to offer you these unique, durable and high aesthetic value pieces. We hope you enjoy our work.


Plano mundial Durstone

Thanks to an extensive sales network, our collections are present in 76 countries, from Europe, the Middle East and
Far East to Africa and part of America. We are proud to be present in the most avant-garde architectural and interior design studios as well as in the installations of the best ceramic and construction material distributors.

1-Mercado Nacional. En este mercado se ha trabajado de forma ascendente sin bajar la guardia, apostando fuerte por él, incluso en los años de crisis donde muchas empresas lo abandonaron. Pero Durstone siempre ha estado presente ampliando su catálogo, con un producto innovador, y un servicio impecable, invirtiendo año tras año. Y la recompensa es que Durstone está entre las empresas mejor posicionadas y evaluadas del sector entre los clientes de este mercado.

2-International market. Due to its regularity and requirement, for years Durstone has bet on Europe as the main export market. This decision has led us to work with the best European distributors and builders participating in multiple projects of great impact. The increase in business volume brought new international horizons and solid markets have been opened in the Near East and North Africa. To cover the demand of the American market, we have a Regulatory Warehouse located in DALLAS (TEXAS) in the USA. Also in the Asian market we are expanding, especially in China where we have opened an exhibition and we have our product present in more than 135 stores in the Asian country.


A basic point in any company is the choice of the product.

Our method has been based on finding product ranges different from what is found in the market. Most modern lines, with the seal that characterizes us, availability of several finishes and large formats. In this regard it is worth noting that we have been pioneers in launching collections and betting on measures that other manufacturers have been incorporating into their product line later.

Our catalog is simple to work with, but at the same time, wide enough to cover the highest demands of the market.


The full range of Durstone porcelain is made up of large format rectified pieces.

Many of our collections are offered in different finishes (natural, lappato, antislip or thick 2cm) always thinking about giving solution to the most demanding requirements of the interior design and decoration market.

From the birth of a collection, where the design is carefully studied and modeled, until its material creation everything leads us to a different final result, with style and above all unique. Stones, cements, wood, ... all the pieces present details in their graphics, touch, and relief that suppose that something else that guides our steps.

Wall Tiles

Desde hace 3 años hemos incorpora a nuestra gama el revestimiento rectificado de gran formato en pasta blanca.

It is a product designed to be used by professionals, both in the field of domestic reform and in the most demanding decorative projects. Available in 31x98 cm and 40x120 cm all collections consist of base pieces that combine with different reliefs and decorations.

El uso imaginativo de los recursos creativos que suponen estas piezas son el toque diferencial que nos distingue en un mercado saturado de revestimientos convencionales.